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If you’re like us, you understand that your family’s dental health is directly connected to their overall health. But it can be so frustrating running all over town to take different family members to different dental offices. That’s why it’s so important to find a good family dentist in Idaho Falls that your family can trust. At Wellness BioDentistry: Cosmetic and Biocompatible Dentistry, we pride ourselves on being able to provide almost any dental procedure your family may need in one office.

When you choose Wellness BioDentistry, you can say goodbye to your days of running all over town to visit a pediatric dentist, a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist. Dr. Baker has a wide range of experience that covers all of these specialties, all while making sure that your family’s dental health has a positive impact on their lives. That means we can treat every member of your family from the youngest toddler to their not so young grandparents.

Let’s take a look at why you should make Wellness BioDentistry your family dentist in Idaho Falls.

A Full Service Family Dentist in Idaho Falls

Family Dentist in Idaho FallsOur team strives to make sure that your entire family has beautiful, shining smiles that they can be proud of. That’s why we think you’ll want to make our team your family dentist in Idaho Falls. To that end, we offer a full range of dental services right in our office. You no longer need to find a different dental office for you children than you use yourself. In fact, we can help you with quality dental care for the whole family.

Pediatric Dentist in Idaho Falls

Most families end up with at least two dentists because their general dental office doesn’t offer pediatric dentistry. That’s where we’re different from most dental offices. We offer you a full range of dental services under one roof — including pediatric dentistry. That means that you can have a real family dentist right here in Idaho Falls.

We even accept patients that are as young as just 1 year old. As a matter of fact, we actually encourage parents to bring their child in around that age or when the child’s first tooth is about 6 months old. This may seem like a strange idea, but early childhood dental visits allow us to help both you and your child about how proper dental hygiene can make a big difference in the child’s health. It also provides the child with the opportunity to develop healthy oral hygiene habits early in their life.

Dr. Baker wants to make sure that even the youngest patient is comfortable in his office, so he will occasionally create silly hats or balloon animals as a special treat for his younger patients. And each successful pediatric dental visit ends with a shiny prize token that allows the child to choose a prize from you prize machine.

One Stop General & Cosmetic Dentistry in Idaho Falls

Family Dentist in Idaho FallsMany dental offices only specialize in one field of dentistry. At Wellness BioDentistry, however, we feel like your family dentist in Idaho Falls should provide you with most of the dental services you may need without needing to refer you to another office. We provide a wide range of dental procedures in-house that cover everything from regular cleaning and exams to full dental reconstruction — and everything in between! This type of dental practice allows you to simplify your family dental care by only visiting a single dental office for your entire family. Let’s take a look at some of the general and cosmetic dental services we offer.

  • Exam & Cleaning – We all know that we should have a dental cleaning and exam every six months. This simple dental procedure is critical for keeping your family’s teeth healthy and strong because your family dentist in Idaho Falls can find possible dental issues early enough that simple procedure can often be used to make corrections.
  • Laser Dentistry – Many people have anxiety about going to the dentist due to the pain caused by dental drills. However, most of their problems with these drills come from heat, pressure, and vibrations. When possible, Dr. Baker uses a Waterlase™ dental laser in place of a traditional drill. This tool allows many procedures to be conducted without anesthesia — no needles! — and with far less post-procedure swelling and pain.
  • Extractions – Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to remove some of a patient’s teeth. These extractions often become necessary in cases of vertical tooth fractures, extensive decay, failed root canal therapy, orthodontic necessity, or wisdom tooth removal.
  • Fillings – When cavities are treated, it often becomes necessary to create fillings in a patient’s teeth. Dr. Baker uses both direct and indirect fillings for his patients depending on their particular circumstances. We can install Idaho Falls resin tooth fillings, which are safer for you than amalgam fillings.
  • Bonding – In dental terms, bonding can mean one of two things. First, it is the use of a “white” composite filling material to change or repair the appearance of front teeth. Second, the same materials can be used to place fillings that are designed to adhere to existing tooth structures elsewhere in the patient’s mouth. This composite material comes in a variety of tooth colored shades so that the repair work can look as natural as possible.
  • Sealants – Dr. Baker may choose to place sealants on the back teeth of some patients to help prevent decay. These sealants use a clear or white resin material to cover or “seal” the pits and grooves that are present on the top of your back teeth.
  • Invisalign® – In place of clunky, metal braces, Dr. Baker may suggest the use of Invisalign invisible braces to straighten your family’s teeth for either medical or cosmetic reasons.
  • Teeth Whitening – As we age, our teeth tend to get darker due to a variety of reasons. However, we offer professional tooth whitening processes to help you regain the bright, shining smile you used to have. For this simple procedure, we may use either custom trays or prefabricated trays.
  • Crowns & Bridges – Crowns and bridges are often done at a separate facility. Not with Wellness BioDentistry. We provide these services in office so that you don’t have to worry about finding the time to go to another doctor.
  • Dentures & Partials – For our patients who find that their natural teeth are no longer as strong as they need to be, we offer denture and partial denture services.

Better Dental Diagnostic Services

Pretty much any dentist can use a variety of diagnostic techniques to make sure that they are treating underlying dental issues. However, many dental offices stop at simple x-rays. While dental x-rays have their place in dental diagnostics, there are new, better tools that we can use in order to help you have the best oral health possible. At Wellness BioDentistry, we use a full range of these diagnostic services so that Dr. Baker can make sure that your family’s teeth are as healthy as they can be. Here are some of the core diagnostic tools we use:

  • Digital Radiology – Dr. Baker has chosen to do away with traditional x-ray films and use digital radiology instead. These new x-rays provide many benefits including immediate image results, higher quality images, and dramatically lower radiation exposure than traditional imaging.
  • 3-D Dental Imaging – Even with high quality digital radiology, however, there are times that x-rays simply aren’t enough. For these situations, we use a 3-D Extraoral Imaging System (also called Cone Beam Computed Tomography) to render three dimensional images of your internal oral structures that simply aren’t visible on a traditional x-ray. These images allow us to make better diagnoses and plan better treatment.
  • Biocompatibility Tests – As a holistic dental office, we want to make sure that none of the materials we use for your dental procedures are going to cause you long term health problems. We use a simple biocompatibility test to make sure that the materials we use won’t have an adverse effect on your family’s health.
  • Use of the DIAGNOdent – In addition to digital radiology, Dr. Baker will often use the DIAGNOdent machine to help him find cavities in the early stages of development. This cavity finding laser allows us to use conservative restoration tactics before cavities grow big enough to become a major problem.

A Bio-Compatible Family Dentist in Idaho Falls

Remember: we are, first and foremost, a dental office that is concerned with making sure that your family’s oral health doesn’t have an adverse affect on their overall health. This holistic approach means that we utilize biocompatible dentistry to make sure that the materials we use will work well with your personal biochemistry.

We start by using a simple materials reactivity test to find the materials that will work best for each patient’s personal and dental health. By using these materials, we ensure that your family stays happy and healthy when they visit our dental office. Each and every one of our patients is unique, and we want to make sure that their dental care is custom designed for their benefit.

If you have questions about biocompatible dental services, we encourage your to Give Us a Call Today! We’ll help you and your family have happy, healthy smiles.

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