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Trent WeaverFort Collins, Colorado

After looking for the “right” oral surgeon for over 5 years, I was referred to Dr. Baker.  And did I ever find the Right Guy!

At 10 years old, I had 3 partial root canals on my lower front teeth. Over the last 40 years, I have had metal fillings and metal-based crowns planted in my mouth, along with 4 wisdom teeth extracted.  Over the years, most of this dental work created an environment for developing a chronic infection in my jaw & cheek bones.  My sinuses were always stopped up, I always was running a low grade temperature and have dealt with high blood pressure and sleep apnea for over a decade.  Needless to say, I was not feeling my best!

Coming to Dr. Baker was truly life-changing!  The cutting-edge techniques he utilized promoted actual healing, not only in my mouth, but throughout my entire body.  He took the extra time to understand my situation and was caring and meticulous while working with/on me.  As an out of town patient, he optimized each visit, so that our time away from home was minimized.

Today, my sinuses are clear (I’m no longer breathing through my mouth), my body temperature and blood pressure are back to normal.  Most importantly, I have more energy and am feeling so much better!

Having Dr. Baker on my team to bring health and vitality back into my life has been such a great experience!  I would recommend him and his abilities highly!  It has been a major investment in myself, but one well worth the time, money and effort.

Thanks Dr. Baker!

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