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What’s the Deal With Holistic Dentistry?

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Holistic seems to be the latest buzzword and it seems for good reason. We are beginning to see a shift in the old health paradigm in hospitals, clinics and even dental offices. People are becoming more interested in the overall health of the body and not just a particular symptom or disease. Holistic or biocompatible dentistry in Idaho Falls is important for understanding the relationship between whole body health and oral health. Wellness BioDentistry, a holistic dental clinic in Idaho Falls in interested in cultivating this relationship. The belief system of a more natural based dental practice, is that poor overall health can affect the oral health and lead to disease and vice versa. That is why we are so passionate in making sure that the body and mouth are working properly. There are many benefits to holistic dentistry that traditional dentistry just can’t contend with. When you start seeing your oral health and overall health as one, you begin to notice things you never did before. Read on, for more information about the benefits of utilizing your holistic dental clinic in Idaho Falls.

Benefits of Holistic DentistryDental Clinic In Idaho Falls

According to Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture, the body has tons of “meridians” (energy channels that are associated with all parts of the body, including the teeth). If one of those “meridians” becomes diseased, blocked, or infected it can cut off energy “flow” to another part of your body. More research is coming forward that backs this theory up. Instead of the mind-body connection, think of holistic dentistry as the “tooth-body” connection. This evidence shows that oral health can affect our cardiac, respiratory and even mental health. Restorative dentistry at our dental clinic in Idaho Falls can help problems associated with:

  • Sleeping patterns
  • Insomnia
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Backaches
  • Improves Overall Mood

Not only does a more natural approach to oral health positively affect the body, but using natural materials can reduce toxins from entering the body. At Wellness BioDentistry Clinic in Idaho Falls, we have reduced the use of traditional cleaning procedures and root canals. These traditional methods can increase the chance of getting gum or bacterial infection, due to the reservoirs they create. These traditional methods have been linked to heart disease, stroke, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, premature birth, and even dementia.

What Can I Expect From a Holistic Dental Clinic In Idaho Falls?

Based off the benefits alone, it’s easy to see why holistic dentistry is the best choice for your overall health and oral health. Once you have your first appointment with us, you’ll wonder why holistic dentistry hasn’t been around longer. Here is what you can expect when you visit your Idaho Falls dental clinic.Dental Clinic In Idaho Falls

Wellness BioDentistry is first and foremost concerned with our patients overall oral health, as well as, mental and emotional health. We provide products that are both safe for our patients and the environment. We seek to eliminate the use of toxic dental products like, amalgam, which is a mixture of metals and mercury. Instead of this toxic mixture we use more natural materials, like composite resin. Even “non-holistic” dentists are beginning to use composite resin because it is so much safer. Not only do we use safer products, we also use non invasive remedies for gum diseases and safer alternatives to root canals, which can cause serious disease to the whole body.

As a Holistic dental clinic in Idaho Falls, we understand the “tooth-body” connection and the relationship between your oral health and overall health. Whether you are just coming in for a routine cleaning or are having serious oral health issues, we help to determine and treat the problem by focusing on:

  • Health risk factors
  • Heredity
  • Areas of infection or decay
  • Any gum issues or disease
  • Possible toxicity of your present dental fillings
  • Digestion, sleep apnea, TMJ and other functional abnormalities you may be suffering from.

Digital X-Rays

Not only do we offer natural solutions for oral health issues at our dental clinic in Idaho Falls, but we also offer safer technology for taking x-rays. At our office we use digital x-ray equipment which causes far less radiation than traditional x-ray machines. With our digital equipment you can expect:

  • Up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays
  • A higher degree of environmental safety
  • Comfortable digital sensors that are easy on your gums
  • Instant resultsDental Clinic In Idaho Falls

By using the digital x-ray we are able to get a better quality image without the harmful radiation of traditional x-rays. Even conventional dental clinics are beginning to use digital x-rays because of the benefits it provides them and their patients.

Why Choose Holistic Dentistry?

The benefits for choosing a holistic dental clinic in Idaho Falls are pretty clear. Using holistic dentistry provides you with a beautiful healthy smile without compromising your overall health. With the natural materials we use, including Zirconia for dental implants, we create a beautiful smile that won’t add any additional risks to the health of your body. Your mouth is the entrance for your body and is the starting point where substances can enter into your bloodstream, including microbes, chemicals and more. We work with you to provide a natural dental health routine that can also greatly improve your body’s health. From focusing on natural cleaning techniques, essential oils, nutritional supplements, gentle procedures and more, we can help you take control of your oral health once and for all. Contact us today, to get started.

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