In-Office Teeth Whitening

We offer in-office teeth whitening at our Idaho Falls dental clinic with teeth whitening products that are safe for your teeth and your body as whole. 

Many mainstream teeth whitening products used in conventional dentistry can have negative effects on the teeth—they can weaken the enamel and cause sensitivity for a long time after application.

How Our Teeth Whitening Differs From Over-The-Counter Whitening Systems

Many of the teeth whitening products found at Idaho Falls dental clinics and supermarkets can not only be dangerous to ingest, they also rarely prove effective!

These products are also one-size-fits-all—they might not adhere to your teeth correctly, making the final result uneven.

What Causes The Teeth To Stain?

While the teeth will eventually begin to darken with age, there are plenty of external factors that cause the teeth to stain—coffee, tea, and wine being the main things, but also tobacco and some medications.

Another factor could be fluorosis, a condition resulting from too much fluoride ingestion in childhood. This can cause intrinsic stains which appear as horizontal white lines.

You Can Maintain The Results Of Professional Teeth Whitening

Now, when we say “maintenance”, we don’t mean you can prevent your teeth from staining indefinitely. Even with good dental hygiene, the teeth will eventually darken due to age and/or factors like diet. 

However, by cutting out things in your diet that contribute to stains, as well as re-treating your teeth, you can maintain a bright, healthy smile as the years go by.

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