We Provide Resin-Based Dental Fillings At Our Idaho Falls Dental Clinic

Quick Facts

  • Resin fillings look and feel just like natural teeth—no metal-mouth!
  • Resin fillings are naturally adhesive, so attaching them is easy and doesn’t cause any unnecessary damage to healthy dental tissue.
  • Resin fillings can be easily shaped and molded to the point that you won’t even notice they’re there.
  • Resin fillings are bio-compatible—they are safe for the human body and don’t cause adverse health effects.

What To Expect

  • If you have a cavity or mild tooth damage, resin fillings are typically your best option. 
  • We’ll start with an examination and then we can get to work.
  • We clean the decayed or weakened dental tissue away and shape the tooth so it’s ready. 
  • After that, we’ll seal up the open area and shape the resin so that it conforms to the surrounding teeth—you shouldn’t notice a difference between the tooth with the filling and your surrounding teeth.

Problems With Amalgam Fillings & Why We Avoid Them

Amalgam fillings, also deceptively called “silver fillings”, are a combination of many different materials, of which actual silver makes up a tiny percentage.

Materials used in amalgam fillings include:

  • Tin
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Mercury

That last element is what makes amalgam fillings something we avoid at our Idaho Falls dental clinic. It is well known that mercury is a toxic heavy metal that is dangerous to humans, and while it is still commonly used in conventional dentistry in the United States, it’s actually heavily regulated in many European countries and is on course for a full ban.

Mercury can cause damage to the kidneys, brain, and nervous system. It is also harmful to unborn and breastfeeding children. 

Mood disorders are also common effects of mercury poisoning, including:

  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

There are also problems that occur when amalgam fillings are installed.

  • Amalgam fillings are not adhesive. They have to be forced into place. This can cause microfractures in the tooth, which are great places for bacteria and plaque to fester.
  • Changes in temperature cause amalgam fillings to expand and contract, causing further microfractures.
  • Mercury vapor can be released every time you eat, clench your teeth, or brush and floss.

Our Idaho Falls dental fillings, being made of resin-based materials, don’t cause any of these problems. They are safe for the human body, naturally adhesive, and many people see them as a more aesthetic option than amalgam fillings as they look and feel just like natural teeth.

Many people don’t like the look of amalgam fillings. They create what many people call a “metal mouth” look.

Our Idaho Falls dental fillings look natural—so natural, in fact, that you won’t even notice they’re there (and neither will anyone else).

We Don’t Just Provide Resin Fillings—We Also Remove & Replace Amalgam Fillings

If you have amalgam fillings and would like them replaced with a safer option, we are happy to help!

At our Idaho Falls dental clinic, we follow strict protocols to keep the process safe, as according to the IAOMT, […] dental mercury amalgam exposes dental professionals, dental staff, dental patients, and/or fetuses to releases of mercury vapor, mercury-containing particulate, and/or other forms of mercury contamination.

Fortunately, we can replace your amalgam fillings with resin fillings in a way that’s safe for both you and our staff.

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