Botox For Migraine and TMJ Pain Management

We know what you’re thinking: “Botox®? For pain management? At a dental office?” That’s right. Wellness BioDentistry, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is pleased to offer Botox® injections for pain management to our patients. In fact, you’d probably be surprised by how many dentists offer Botox® these days. The treatments have come a long way since the drug was introduced several decades ago.

Since the late 1980s, mild strains of naturally occurring botulinum toxin have been used for the short term treatment of various medical conditions including eye spasms, excessive sweating, and neck and shoulder spasms. In the mid-1990s, Botox® — a brand name variety of botulinum toxin — became an overnight sensation when the neurotoxin proved effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Since then, its cosmetic use has become so common that you can find it being used in gyms, spas, and a wide range of doctor’s offices.

In spite of its many medical uses, Botox® has become synonymous with wrinkle treatments for much of the general public. It’s even become unfortunately common for scammers to offer fake injections that are ineffective at best and highly dangerous at worst. These “faux-tox” scams are definitely something to be wary of in this day and age. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have a trained professional administer your medical or cosmetic Idaho Falls Botox® treatments.

Despite its reputation as a simple cosmetic product, Botox® has become common in the treatment of chronic pain in recent decades. Specially trained doctors can use the drug to relieve muscle related pain and improve range of motion. Botox® injections can be used to treat chronic muscle spasm pain, cervical dystonia neck pain, nerve disorders, migraines, and pain caused by TMJ, bruxism, and other dental disorders.

Idaho Falls Migraine Treatment

Migrain Headache - Idaho Falls Botox

Back in 2000, an American plastic surgeon reported that patients who received facial injections of Botox® were experiencing relief from chronic headaches. This was originally thought to be a side effect of the relaxation of muscle tension caused by the injections. We now know, however, that the injections were actually inhibiting the release of specific neurotransmitters, effectively suppressing the pain systems responsible for migraine headaches.

Today, in Idaho Falls, Botox® for migraine treatment has become quite common, and is available from many doctors and specially trained dentists. Here at Wellness BioDentistry we are proud that Dr. Jordan Baker is certified to administer Botox® treatments for migraine pain. Make an appointment with Dr. Baker today to see if Botox® is the right treatment for your migraine headaches.

Dental Pain Management in Idaho Falls

Dr. Baker is also trained in the use of Botox® injections for a variety of pain management applications, especially the pain that is associated with various dental conditions like TMJ disorder and bruxism.

Pain Relief for TMJ Disorder

Your temporomandibular joint is essentially the hinge located behind your teeth that connects your jaw to your skull. Many people suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder, commonly referred to as TMJ or TMD. People who suffer from TMJ disorder experience a variety of symptoms including:

  • Hearing Clicking or Popping Sounds When Chewing
  • Severe Headaches or Pain in or Near the Joint
  • A Feeling of Tightness When Speaking
  • An Inability to Fully Open the Mouth

Traditional treatment for TMJ disorder have included prescription painkillers and orthodontic splints, but these treatments may not be effective in treating pain associated with the disorder. For patients who suffer from frequent TMJ induced headaches or jaw pain, Botox® in Idaho Falls may be the answer. The toxin can be used to completely relax the muscle around the joint, helping to minimize painful contractions for several months.

Temporomandibular Joint - Idaho Falls TMJ Treatment

Pain Relief for Bruxism

Bruxism is a medical term used for disorders where patients clench or grind their teeth. Most commonly, this occurs at night while the patient is sleeping. The causes of bruxism are a matter of much debate, but there is no debate about how painful and destructive this condition can be to dental health.

Like TMJ, bruxism can cause severe headaches and facial pain. Properly administered Botox® injections can help eliminate these types of pain by helping relax the chewing muscles. Care must be taken to get the right dose, however, so that the patient retains full use of their mouth for eating and talking. That’s why it’s so important to work with a certified doctor.

If you are seeking relief from pain caused by TMJ, bruxism, or migraines, speak to Dr. Jordan Baker today to see if Botox® treatments in Idaho Falls can help you with pain management.

How Long Do Botox® Treatments Last?

Botox® for pain management - Idaho Falls Botox

Part of what makes Botox® treatments safe is their short term effect. Their temporary nature, however, also means that you may need regular injections to help treat your chronic pain.

Each injection is a relatively short process that can be completed in a single sitting, and each treatment will usually last for 3 to 4 months. However, the frequency of your Botox® injections — known as your treatment schedule — will depend largely on what medical condition the injections are treating and how well your body responds to the neurotoxin. Dr. Baker will help you determine the right frequency of treatments to help alleviate your pain symptoms.

One of the great things about Botox® treatments for pain management is that it is an incredibly simple procedure. Just a few carefully placed injections may be able to provide the relief you’ve been looking for. Many patients begin to feel some measure of relief within a few days of treatment, but the treatment does not take full effect for about a week. There may also be some tenderness or swelling at the site of the injection during the first day or so following treatment.

Wellness BioDentistry Offers Idaho Falls Botox® Pain Management Services

As you may know, the Wellness BioDentistry team cares about your overall wellness, not just your teeth. In order to help you achieve holistic wellness, we’ve chosen to offer Botox® injection treatments for chronic pain sufferers. Dr. Baker has received certification in the administration of Botox®, so you can rest assured that your treatment will be handled professionally and safely.

He believes that Botox® pain management goes hand in hand with our biocompatible dentistry approach. After all, biocompatible dentistry is centered in your health and well being and you can’t be healthy and well if you are in constant pain. Let us help you find the best solutions to your pain problems so that you can live your life to the fullest.

If you frequently experience headaches, facial pain, or oral pain, Contact Us Today to set up an appointment to find out if our Idaho Falls Botox® pain management is right for you.

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