In dentistry, the word “bonding” has 2 meanings:

  • A procedure using “white” composite filling material to repair or change the appearance of front teeth.
  • A method of placing fillings that adhere to existing teeth structure anywhere in the mouth (“white” composite fillings that adhere or bond to the teeth vs. amalgam “silver” fillings that must be wedged into place)
Bonding - idaho falls dental bonding

Our Idaho Falls dental bonding to repair or change the appearance of front teeth can be a conservative way to repair slightly chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth. A filling is simply placed on your tooth to improve its appearance. “White” or composite filling materials come in many tooth-colored shades that can closely match the appearance of your natural teeth. The advantage of bonding as a cosmetic procedure is that it is generally less expensive than other treatments, and can be completed in one visit. A disadvantage to bonding is that composite fillings may stain and are more easily broken than veneers or other cosmetic restorations.

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