The materials in your dental restorations are every bit as important as the quality of your dental restorations, because no matter how excellent the technique, the wrong restorative material can affect your health if it is not compatible with your body chemistry. Your biochemistry is unique to you—like a fingerprint—so a material that is completely benign to you may cause a reaction in someone else. So how do we decide what materials to use?

A simple blood test can screen available dental materials and identify those that may cause an immune reaction. This allows Dr. Baker to choose restorative materials that are best for you. Dr. Baker receives a comprehensive report from BioComp Labs, that details materials that are safe for you, and materials to avoid. You will also receive a copy of the report for your records.

Having a healthy mouth is an investment in your health and in your future. Don’t let the wrong restorative materials compromise your health. Call the office today to find out more about the materials reactivity test!

About BioComp Labs

idaho falls dentalBioComp Labs measures the immune system response of individuals via an advanced blood serum procedure. As we provide individualized treatment for our patients based on a holistic approach to dentistry, BioComp Labs is the resource we trust for biocompatibility tests.

After a simple blood test, we send your sample to BioComp Labs. Then, we are sent a comprehensive report indicating the level of reactivity – the amount of change that could occur in the immune system in reaction to a foreign substance – that you as an individual may experience with certain dental materials. Reactivity levels could be:

  • Highly reactive
  • Moderately reactive
  • Least reactive

Based on the biocompatibility reports we receive at our Idaho Falls dental clinic, we can better determine which dental materials to use on our individual clients based on their unique biology.

About Biocompatibility In Relation To Modern Dentistry

Biocompatibility is: compatibility with living tissue or a living system by not being toxic, injurious, or physiologically reactive and not causing immunological rejection. – According to Merriam-Webster. 

Now, consider that any foreign substance that is introduced to the body will result in some form of immune response. The question is, how intense – or, “reactive” – will this response be? The goal of biocompatible dentistry is to achieve the least reactive response possible, if any at all, for each individual based on their unique biology. 

Given the still-prevalent use of materials used in conventional dentistry – many of them highly toxic! – in Idaho Falls dental clinics and all over the nation, it’s no wonder why many people are seeking a more biocompatible approach to dentistry.

For instance, mercury is a known toxic heavy metal, yet it accounts for roughly 50% of the weight of what are deceptively called “silver fillings”. 

Mercury can negatively affect the kidneys, brain, nervous system, and the health of unborn children. It’s no wonder that the UK has banned the use of mercury fillings for children under 15 years old and for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Other commonly-used materials in conventional Idaho Falls dental clinics – metal implants, for example – can elicit similar responses from the body.

But it isn’t just the obvious materials that we worry about. Many substances used in dentistry can be fine for one person but elicit negative reactions from others. This is why we make biocompatibility testing such a high priority at our Idaho Falls dental clinic – we aren’t just dedicated to the health of your teeth and periodontal structures, but with the overall health of your body and mind as well.

Wellness Biodentistry - Your Idaho Falls Dental Clinic Offering Biologically-Compatible Services

idaho falls dentalWith the help of BioComp Labs, we can ensure that you are getting the best dental products for your individual biological circumstances. The health of your teeth is important, but we need to keep in mind that the body is an interconnected system, just like nature itself. Problems in one area of the body can have profound effects on other, seemingly unrelated areas. Contact us today if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment – we look forward to hearing from you!
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