The materials in your dental restorations are every bit as important as the quality of your dental restorations, because no matter how excellent the technique, the wrong restorative material can affect your health if it is not compatible with your body chemistry. Your biochemistry is unique to you—like a fingerprint—so a material that is completely benign to you may cause a reaction in someone else. So how do we decide what materials to use? A simple blood test can screen available dental materials and identify those that may cause an immune reaction. This allows Dr. Baker to choose restorative materials that are best for you. Dr. Baker receives a comprehensive report from Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., that details materials that are safe for you, and materials to avoid. You will also receive a copy of the report for your records. Having a healthy mouth is an investment in your health and in your future. Don’t let the wrong restorative materials compromise your health. Call the office today to find out more about the materials reactivity test!
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