If 2 heads are better than 1, does that mean that 3-D is better than 2-D? In some cases, yes! 3-D Extraoral Imaging Systems (technically called Cone Beam Computed Tomography) are becoming increasingly more important in dentistry. This digitally technology produces 3-D images of your teeth, jaw, and other internal structures that cannot be seen on conventional x-rays. This is helpful both in diagnosing and treatment planning.

3-D scans are easy to perform. The scanner simply rotates around the patient’s head while he or she stands stationary. The scanner takes hundreds of pictures of the face and jaw and compiles these pictures into an exact 3-D image which shows the inner structures and anatomy of the face and jaw. Because 3-D images are digital, they use significantly less radiation than conventional CT scans, and digital scans can be manipulated and enhanced on the computer, allowing Dr. Baker to zoom in on specific areas and view them from different angles.

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