Gentle, Comfortable Care

Relax, and breathe! Yes, you. We know you start feeling anxious as you walk through the door. But there’s no need to “fear the fillings” anymore! Our Idaho Falls sedation dentistry can help you feel relaxed for the entire appointment.

Many of our patients travel long distances to receive their dental care, and prefer to have all treatment completed in one day. For those appointments that are longer, or for patients that prefer a deeper sedation, we offer IV conscious sedation with an experienced nurse anesthetist.

We don’t want you to postpone your dental work because you dislike coming to the dentist, take advantage of one of our Idaho Falls sedation dental options and get your healthy smile today! It’s so much better than the alternative of having a toothache or discomfort. Trust us, and anyone else who has been in the situation. Dental work is so much more comfortable when it’s done correctly and pain free.

For more information on sedation, call or schedule an appointment in our office.

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