Are You Missing Teeth?

The Biologic Choice

Zirconia implants or Non-metal implants are the preferred tooth replacement because they help preserve natural tooth structure. Zirconia implants are preferred over partial dentures and/or fixed bridges because bridges require the sacrifice of healthy tooth structure or enamel in order to create a substructure to support the fake crown and missing tooth bridge. May add hyperlinks to additional discussion on bridges… Also, Ceramic Implants are preferred over a bridge because they act most like a natural tooth by providing enhanced force distribution of the bite forces, optimizing the biomechanics of chewing. For example, a bridge requires two teeth to support a middle floating false tooth which results in increase force transmitted to the two supporting teeth, this has been shown in research to increase periodontal disease around the supporting teeth and also increases their risk of dying or future need for extraction. Removable partial dentures likewise causes torquing or unnatural forces on the supporting teeth increasing trauma to those teeth and thus periodontal disease and risk for future tooth loss.

Why Ceramic Implants?

They are more natural! If you are considering investing in dental implants, they need to look natural and be not only functional but also aesthetic. You want the best aesthetic option for tooth replacement, ceramic dental implants are preferred over titanium dental implants for many reasons including:

  • Color – Zirconia or ceramic implants are naturally white and contain no metal, Titanium implants are metallic and gray in color. The gray color of metal implants may show through the gums especially if your gums are thin or in cases of tissue inflammation also known as peri-implantitis.
  • Gums heal great around zirconia implants. Even if gum recession occurred, ceramic implants are white like natural teeth, so no one could tell. Tissue inflammation around titanium implants has been found to be more common and when the gums recede around them the metal surface or gray color can be seen and is very unattractive.
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