Idaho Falls Biocompatible Dentistry

Biocompatible dentistry is sometimes referred to as “holistic” or “health-centered” dentistry. So… what is biocompatible dentistry? Simply put, it is dentistry using materials that your body will tolerate best. Not everyone is created equal and not everyone will respond to the same supplies, tools, and materials used. We all react differently. Our Idaho Falls biocompatible dentistry is what we refer to as using the natural materials your body will accept and utilize without all of the harsh chemicals.

The American Dental Association has created a code of ethics for dental professionals. One of these five codes is “Nonmaleficence.” Simply translated, this term means “Do No Harm.” If this is what is required of dental and medical professionals, shouldn’t we require the same of the materials that will be used by these professionals? Enter Biocompatible Dentistry!

All-Natural Dental Materials and Supplies

The idea behind our Idaho Falls biocompatible dentistry is a simple, yet very true, principle: The mouth is intimately involved with the rest of the body, and the materials placed in the mouth should not in any way diminish your health.

That’s a big reason why you’ll find Wellness BioDentistry in the biocompatible dentistry field. We know that your situation with your teeth can affect other parts of your health. Click here to read more about how the health of your teeth affects the rest of your body.

Our Dental Practice is Customized to Your Specific Body Type

Every person is unique, with a unique immune system and we can’t assume that every material is suitable for you. Through a simple materials reactivity test we can determine which materials are best for your overall own personal and dental health. THAT’s what our Idaho Falls biocompatible dentistry is all about: keeping you healthy in the best and most simple way possible. Is your health worth it?

Give us a call so that we can answer your questions about how holistic, health-centered, biocompatible dentistry works and why it’s quickly becoming the #1 most accepted and growing category in dentistry.

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