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Idaho falls dentalMost of us struggle with maintaining a regular dental routine. Good dental hygiene requires consistency – brushing twice a day, every day, and doing it right.

But like all things in life, good dental hygiene requires balance. It may surprise you, but there are many people who brush their teeth too often.

There is the phenomenon of mysophobics who wash their hands too much, which ironically leaves them even more susceptible to germs due to the erosion and weakening of the skin. The same principle applies to your teeth.

Enamel – The Tooth’s Natural Defense Against Plaque

Each tooth has a protective outer layer called enamel. This rests upon the dentin (the bony layer of the tooth). Enamel is comprised mostly of minerals; it’s an incredibly strong substance – stronger than bone in fact! This makes it the strongest material in your body.

The Problem of Brushing Too Much

Naturally, enamel guards against the relentless onslaught of the acids and bacteria in plaque, which wear away at the teeth over time. Regularly brushing this plaque away is good, but brushing too often can wear down the enamel itself, leaving the dentin stark naked in the presence of plaque. 

This is how major cavities can form. A cavity is a hole worn away in the dentin, and from there, plaque can migrate to the inner-center of the tooth (the pulp) and create an incredibly painful infection.

Teeth Whitening Strips Can Also Cause Damage

Many Idaho Falls dentists warn against the use of teeth whitening strips. The reason being that the bleaching materials found in them can damage dentin.

Many people who have used these products have experienced shooting tooth pain for days following their application.

If You Want Your Teeth Whitened, It’s Better To Visit Your Idaho Falls Dentist

Wellness Biodentistry is an Idaho Falls dental clinic dedicated to biocompatible dentistry that promotes overall health. The teeth whitening services here are more effective and safer for your teeth than the application of over-the-counter teeth whitening strips you’ll find in stores.

What Is the Ideal Dental Routine?

Idaho falls dentalLike many things in life, this is dependent on the individual to some degree. There are some people blessed with naturally resilient teeth, and others who seem to have a genetic propensity for cavities and other forms of dental decay.

However, generally speaking, you want to be consistent with the following steps:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day, every day, morning and night. It’s a good idea to brush before you eat breakfast; and after you brush at night, don’t eat anything.
  • Brush every surface of your teeth – the outer, inner, and horizontal chewing surfaces. Also, a good move is to angle your toothbrush vertically, and use it to scrub between the teeth (this is a great way of removing plaque and foot particulates that have accumulated there).
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue! Yes, this includes the back. Not only is it good hygiene, it also prevents bad breath.
  • Visit your Idaho Falls dentist regularly.
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