Wellness BioDentistry

At Wellness BioDentistry, we care about your overall wellness and not just your teeth. We realize that wellness is a team approach. To assist you in achieving your best health, Dr. Baker has teamed up with many health practitioners. If you already are working with a team of health practitioners, please let us know and we will be sure to keep in contact with them on your behalf. If you don’t, we will help you find contact information for other potential members of your wellness team.

Whole Health Implant Dentistry

A biologic, multidimensional approach to dentistry to optimize overall health. Educate, reduce chronic inflammation, make positive change.

Problem Summary

Biodentistry is the practice of biologic or holistic oral healthcare which focuses on a comprehensive, whole health approach to dentistry and patient wellness. With increased prevalence of chronic disease including heart disease, cancers, and chronic fatigue, the oral-systemic link has been scientifically proven and patient’s are seeking dental providers who can help treat the root cause of their disease through proper dental care.

Solution Summary

Wellness BioDentistry is a holistic general dentistry practice and the only one of its kind in the Idaho Falls, ID area. Our services include comprehensive dental care with a whole health, biological, and integrative approach proven to help treat the source and prevent chronic disease. 

Our Solution

Wellness BioDentistry is a family-centered, integrative, biologic dental clinic dedicated to restoring full-body health and WELLNESS by treating the sources of disease through the implementation of evidence-based, cutting-edge practices from all global healing traditions. Our aim in our patient protocols includes:

Our Advantages

The unique element of holistic dentistry and the kind of dentistry Wellness BioDentistry offers is the safe removal of amalgam fillings, treating the source of infection and disease, cavitations, ceramic implants, grafting procedures, sinus lifts and the promotion of healing modalities. Some of those include laser dentistry, ozone, skilled surgical technique, supplements, and lifestyle education. We are the only Biologic Dental Practice or Holistic Dental Practice in Idaho Falls that integrates these combinations of evidence-based, advanced, integrative therapies and protocols.

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