Why So Many Dentists Are Going Organic

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You may have heard of organic dentistry before. You may also have heard it referred to as something else; natural dentistry, biocompatible dentistry, holistic dentistry, these terms are all essentially synonymous.

Quick Facts

Idaho Falls Dentists

  • Organic dentistry treats the body as an interconnected system. What negatively affects one area of the body can negatively affect another, even if it seems unrelated. 
  • Organic dentists offer dental products and services that promote the overall well-being of the body. Dental problems are not seen as isolated events at the mouth.
  • More and more people are turning to organic dentistry, and many dentists in Idaho Falls and all over the world are taking cues from organic dentistry (even if they don’t officially consider themselves organic dentists).

The reason for the rise in the popularity of organic dentistry is simple: its methods and materials are both higher in quality and better for the human body than many things common in conventional dentistry.

Mercury-Free Dental Fillings


Many Idaho Falls dentists are avoiding mercury dental fillings (also called “amalgam” fillings).

Simply put: mercury is a toxic heavy metal. This is commonly known and accepted. So why are amalgam fillings still so commonly used in modern dentistry? 

Rather than filling in a cavity with mercury, the alternative is commonly a resin material. There are a number of benefits to this alternative:

  • Resin fillings look and feel just like your natural tooth material. So, no metal mouth!
  • Resin fillings are perfectly safe for the human body.
  • Unlike mercury fillings, they don’t shrink and expand with temperature changes (this creates microfractures in the tooth, leading to damage and decay).

Many Idaho Falls dentists are currently offering safe mercury removal treatment to be replaced with resin fillings.

Non-Metal Implants


Many dentists are using ceramic or Zirconia implants rather than metal implants. Not only are these safer for the human body, they’re stronger than metal implants as well!

These implants are also naturally white, unlike Titanium implants which have a metallic grey color that tends to show through the gums.

Laser Dentistry


Idaho Falls DentistsOne of the leading frontiers in modern dentistry is the “laser drill”, which aims a beam of light at the tooth. Rather than drilling into it, it heats us molecules in the tooth, causing it to break down in certain areas (your Idaho Falls dentist will aim the laser at damaged or decaying tissue in order to clean it away).

There are many advantages to this:

  • Far less pain. Much of the pain that comes with the dental drill is the result of grinding and pressure. With the laser drill, there’s no pressure at all.
  • Far less bleeding. The laser drill cauterizes tissue instantly.
  • Cleaner, safer, and easier. That goes for both you and the dentist. The laser drill is easily one of the most innovative and efficient instruments in modern dentistry.


Contact Your Idaho Falls Dentist

If you need some dental work done, contact Wellness Biodentistry. Our organic dental services are safe, clean, and promote the overall health of your body.

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