What is Laser Dentistry?

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Laser dentistry may sound like something futuristic, but it’s actually been in commercial use since 1989. Simply put: a laser drill is a device that emits a focused beam of light. When this light hits the tooth, it increases the temperature of the tooth – in a controlled way – allowing the dentist to shape or remove dental tissue.

There are many dentists in Idaho Falls and all over the country that use laser dentistry for a myriad of reasons.

Lasers Are Less Painful Than Drills

Idaho Falls DentalA lot of the pain that can come from a conventional dental drill has to do with the grinding pressure it puts on the tooth. This can often result in headaches as well, not just tooth pain.

With laser dentistry, pain is mitigated to a significant degree – so much so that many people can have laser dental operations performed without the need for anesthesia!

Dental lasers break away decayed dental tissue and can also drill directly into the tooth. This can be used for fillings, dental crowns, or other services.

Lasers Cause Less Damage to Surrounding Tissue

Laser dentistry is simply more precise than conventional dentistry. At our Idaho Falls dental clinic, we can work on teeth without causing any unnecessary bleeding to the gums.

Lasers Cauterize Immediately

That is to say, they produce an immediate blood-clotting effect, meaning there is little to no bleeding involved during your dental procedure. This is a huge relief for many people who simply can’t stand the sight of blood.

Laser Dental Instruments Can Also Treat the Gums

  • Lasers can shorten gums that grow too far down the teeth, eliminating that “gummy smile”.
  • Lasers can remove soft tissue folds from dentures that don’t fit well (this can be done without sutures and with little to no pain).

These Lasers Can Also Detect Cavities

That’s right, at our Idaho Falls dental clinic, our lasers aren’t just for treatment – they can be diagnostic devices as well. These devices can detect potential cavities that might otherwise have been missed by showing us evidence of early tooth decay.

Other Uses for Laser Dentistry

  • Teeth whitening: During a session of teeth whitening, lasers can expedite the bleaching process.
  • Seeing inside the tooth: Dentists can see inside teeth or gum tissue via optical coherence tomography.
  • Cold sore treatment: Lasers can be used to lessen healing time from cold sore treatments, and reduce pain as well.
  • Benign tumor removal: If you have benign tumors in the soft tissue of your mouth, lasers can remove them relatively quickly.
  • Regenerating nerves: Nerves, scars, and damaged blood vessels be helped to rejuvenate with a laser.
  • Sleep apnea treatment: Breathing problems associated with sleep apnea can be helped with laser dentistry. Sleep apnea is often caused by an overgrowth of tissue, which can be reshaped with dental lasers.
  • Treating TMJ: Joint inflammation and pain can be reduced with a dental laser.

Our Idaho Falls dental clinic offers laser dentistry for a myriad of dental problems. Don’t wait for things to get worse – contact us today!

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