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When it comes to self-confidence, a good looking smile can be a bigger factor than you might realize. More and more people are admitting just how crucial it is to have confidence in the appearance of their teeth.

At Wellness BioDentistry, we provide Idaho Falls cosmetic dentistry for a variety of dental problems. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve your appearance, with less of a focus on dental health, although there is considerable overlap between these two factors.

Over time, problems can develop that don’t necessarily impact your dental health, but can take a toll on the appearance of your teeth. Stains from coffee, soda, cigarettes, and wine is a major concern for many people, as well as misaligned teeth.

We provide a variety of cosmetic dental services to enhance the appearance of your teeth and boost your confidence.

Teeth Whitening

Idaho Falls Cosmetic DentistryWe provide two options for teeth whitening.

  • Prefabricated trays: These allow for your teeth whitening procedure to be taken care of in a single visit, and require no maintenance.
  • Custom trays: We can create a tray that is the perfect custom fit for your teeth. Once your unique tray has been fabricated, you will come back and we will show you how to use the bleach and maintain the trays. Custom trays can be reused over long periods of time.

There are a number of benefits that come with this form of Idaho Falls cosmetic dentistry.

  • The whitening process is stronger and more thorough than increasing your brushing time or using over the counter methods.
  • Teeth whitening is fast and reliable.
  • The treatment is customized, safe, and comfortable.
  • Teeth whitening will improve your smile and your confidence.


This product allows you to straighten your teeth over time without clunky metal braces, an alternative that adults find particularly valuable. The Invisalign method involves a series of removable dental trays that are made of clear plastic. Over time, new trays can be created to accommodate the progress that has been made and further straighten your teeth until the desired goal is reached.

This form of Idaho Falls cosmetic dentistry often yields results in as little as 90 days!

Dentures & Partials

Idaho Falls Cosmetic DentistryWhile this is also a major requirement for proper chewing and speaking abilities, there is also an obvious cosmetic aspect to dentures that many people find invaluable.

At Wellness BioDentistry, we will construct dentures that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. We will work with you, determining the perfect kind of dentures for both your appearance, and your oral and digestive health.

Our bio-compatible dentistry extends to all aspects of what we do, including our Idaho Falls cosmetic dentistry. Our goal is to create dentures comprised of only the safest materials.

Wellness BioDentistry Guarantees Healthy Products and Services

We are dedicated to the appearance and health of our patients, not just in terms of their teeth, but their overall health as well. Our products and services are clean, safe, and high in quality.

If you require Idaho Falls cosmetic dentistry, contact Wellness BioDentistry today!

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