We specialize in children’s dental care

There is no better kids dentist in the Idaho Falls area than Dr. Baker!​

Oral examinations and dental care should be given to children from a young age. In fact, the ADA recommends a child see the dentist for the first time at about one year of age. Some even recommend children see the dentist before they start getting their baby teeth.

Here are some of the reasons why your child should see the dentist now.

Familiarize Your Child With A Dentist They Can Trust

This sets the stage for their mood and expectations of seeing the dentist as they grow up. Taking your child to an Idaho Falls dental clinic that specializes in pediatric services is a great way of showing them that there is nothing to fear about a dental visit.

Pediatric dentists know how to work with children in a way that promotes trust; their appointments are made to be stress and pain free. 

Of course, having a parent accompany them during their appointment is ideal to keep them feeling safe and comfortable.

These early experiences can prevent or mitigate unnecessary fear of the dentist – something many adults suffer with! – from an early age.

As your child grows, your pediatric dentist can perform regular exams and cleanings on their teeth to clear away any plaque and prevent cavities.

Other diagnostic methods can be used to catch problems early, or find indicators of problems that may occur in the future and steps can be taken to prevent these issues.

Your pediatric dentist can offer nutritional advice to help keep your child’s teeth as clean and healthy as possible.

Pediatric Dentists Can Help You Stay Up On Your Child’s Dental Care

There are a lot of ways children can get cavities that you might not have thought about – falling asleep with a bottle of juice or milk, for instance. This is one reason that many Idaho Falls dentists recommend you switch your child from a bottle to a cup as they approach their first birthday.

Pediatric Idaho Falls dentists will also explain how to brush your child’s teeth, and encourage mothers to stop on-demand breastfeeding at night once the child’s milk teeth first come in. They can also offer habit counselling regarding pacifier use as well as thumb sucking.

Oral Hygiene For Children

Proper oral care starts in the infancy stage and a dental regimen should begin early whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding. 

It might sound unimportant, but wiping your child’s gums down with gauze or a soft wet washcloth is actually a great idea. Once their teeth do come in, keep them clean with a toothbrush and toothpaste designed specifically for babies.

Pediatric dentists know how to work with children in a way that promotes trust; their appointments are made to be stress and pain free. 

Services we offer includes

Oral exams and risk assessment for cavities and tooth decay

Ways of preventing cavities from happening

Diagnostics and treatment of dental conditions like misaligned teeth or improper bite

Wellness Biodentistry - Pediatric Dental Clinic With A Holistic Approach

Our Idaho Falls dental clinic operates under the philosophy that oral health is related to the body’s overall health. The entire body is connected; oral problems can be related to other, seemingly unrelated health problems. 

We treat our patients for not just the health of their teeth and gums, but their overall health as well.

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