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Organic dentistry, also known as holistic or bio-compatible dentistry, has become an ever more popular alternative to conventional dentistry because it takes into account the overall health of the patient, not just the teeth and gums. At Wellness Biodentistry, our Idaho Falls organic dentistry has eliminated such harmful substances as mercury and other heavy metals often used by conventional dentists. We encourage the removal of amalgam fillings that contain these substances and replace them with fillings that contain healthier materials, such as composite resin.

Organic Dentistry In Idaho FallsOur Idaho Falls organic dentistry avoids toxic elements, helping to promote overall health for our patient’s central nervous systems and immune systems. We also provide non-invasive alternatives to conventional gum disease treatments. Rough gum cleaning can make the gums bleed and force bacteria into the patient’s bloodstream. We avoid this with more natural gum cleaning methods involving natural antibacterial agents. We also provide healthier alternatives to root canals, which can create reservoirs of bacteria which can eventually work its way into the bloodstream.

Our Idaho Falls organic dentistry is safe for both the patient and the environment. At Wellness Biodentistry, we focus on:

  • Decaying and infected areas  
  • Your periodontal (gum tissue) condition  
  • Heredity  
  • Possible health risks  
  • Removing toxic fillings  
  • Digestion, TMJ, and sleep apnea  

Your mouth is the starting point for almost all microbes and chemicals that enter your body, which eventually work their way into your bloodstream. Our oral health is connected to our overall health in many different ways, which is why Wellness Biodentistry specializes in the connectivity between the two.

Non-Metal Implants

When you have missing teeth, your chewing abilities, speaking abilities, and appearance are diminished. The most obvious and permanent solutions are dental implants, but many conventional dentists tend to use titanium metal for their implants. Instead, we use non-metal implants such as Zirconia implants, because they are far more bio-compatible, while still retaining all of the benefits of traditional metal implants. Zirconia implants are also stronger than titanium implants, so it’s an improvement on all levels.

Our Idaho Falls organic dentistry provides non-amalgam fillings for the following reasons:

  • They contain no mercury or other harmful chemicals.
  • They are adhesive, unlike metal fillings which have to be wedged into place, creating microfractures.
  • They do not expand/contract as much based on temperature.
  • They do not discolor your teeth.

Bio-compatible fillings are a huge part of our Idaho Falls organic dentistry because they are overall much healthier for your body.

Digital X-Rays

Organic Dentistry In Idaho FallsOur digital x-ray technology is a huge improvement from conventional x-rays, because they produce far less radiation, making them safer for you and the environment. That’s why digital x-rays are becoming mainstream, even outside of organic dentistry. At Wellness Biodentistry, we understand that radiation poses potential health risks, so we aim to reduce radiation exposure as much as we possibly can.

With our digital x-ray technology, you get:

  • About 90% less radiation!  
  • Fast results, in as little as five seconds  
  • Digital sensors that are rounded and easy on your mouth  
  • Higher quality images than traditional x-rays  
  • Emailable records  
  • Physical and environmental safety  

At Wellness Biodentistry, our Idaho Falls organic dentistry is all about reducing possible health risks and facilitating an environment of health and well-being.

How Organic Dentistry Positively Affects the Overall Health of the Body

Tooth On Leaf - dentists idaho fallsPerhaps more than you might realize, every part of your body affects every other part. Just like in nature, everything is interconnected, and we are part of nature after all. That’s why your oral health affects the rest of your body, and visa-versa. This is true in some obvious ways, like dental pain negatively affecting your ability to function and have a happy, productive day. However, it is also linked to less straightforward areas of health. Oral health has been linked to mental, cardiac, and respiratory health. In fact, oral health has also been linked to:

  • Stroke  
  • Diabetes  
  • Rheumatoid arthritis  
  • Premature birth  
  • Dementia  

At Wellness Biodentistry, our Idaho Falls organic dentistry is all about understanding the interconnectedness of the body, and using this knowledge to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and high quality dental services available in the industry. By eliminating toxicity from our practice, we guarantee healthier oral structures, and with them, a healthier body.

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