If chronic TMJ is interfering with your life, we offer various non-Botox forms of treatment at our Idaho Falls dental clinic.

Diagnosing TMJ

We can diagnose TMJ through digital x-rays and 3-dimensional imaging. If need be, we can use MRIs to get a clearer picture of your condition.

Conservative TMJ Treatment – Orthotix

idaho falls dentalTMJ can often be treated with splints or mouth guards that protect your teeth from grinding. These can be custom-fit to each individual.  There are many long-term benefits of this kind of TMJ treatment:
  • Stopping jaw pain,
  • Eliminating daily headaches,
  • No more teeth grinding or tooth damage,
  • Better breathing.

Advanced TMJ Treatment – Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the science of correcting misaligned teeth and malpositioning of the jaw. By correcting bad bite patterns and modifying facial growth, we can provide you long-term relief from TMJ symptoms. With thorough diagnostics and care planning at our Idaho Falls dental clinic, we can find the ideal solution for you. Often, treatment can come in the form of full crowns or, in some cases, Invisalign.
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