Treating Periodontal Disease With Laser Dentistry

Most people cringe at the idea of a drill or needle entering their mouth. This is one factor that makes laser dentistry so appealing.

A dental laser focuses a beam of light on an area of the mouth and speeds up molecules in order to remove damaged or decayed tissue. Here’s what this means for:

  • Virtually painless procedure—no general anesthetic is needed!
  • Less bleeding—cauterization happens almost immediately
  • Diseased areas are targeted better
  • Faster recovery and healing time

Laser therapy works by accessing and removing damaged and inflamed gum tissue around the teeth. This exposes areas of the tooth root that have a lot of caked-on tartar, and with them fully exposed, they can be cleaned off.

Eventually, the gums will heal on their own and grow back over the tooth roots.

Treating Periodontal Disease With Ozone Therapy

Introducing oxygen/ozone into your system can safely disinfect your body.

Much of the treatment comes down to the transient oxidative burst—this is an event that is harmless to the body but can also destroy decay-causing agents. It also increases blood flow, improves the immune system, and speeds up your healing process.

Our Idaho Falls dental clinic offers ozone therapy for periodontal disease by applying ozonated water and/or gas to the gum line.

One reason we love ozone therapy so much is because it is completely safe, helps with dental problems, and also boosts the overall health of your body in the process.

We Focus On Healthy Ways Of Fighting Periodontal Disease

Our Idaho Falls dental clinic utilizes some of the most cutting edge technology you’ll find in modern dentistry, and we do so in order to meet our main goal—promoting your overall health, not just the health of your teeth and gums.

Many conventional forms of periodontal disease treatment are too rough—they can end up forcing mouth bacteria into the bloodstream, increasing your risk of serious health problems

Before certain treatments, we do biocompatibility testing to make sure we’re giving you the most ideal form of treatment. Everyone’s body is different in its own way—substances and procedures that are positive for one person may be negative for others.

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