Dentures & Partials - Idaho Falls DenturesDr. Baker and the rest of team here at Wellness BioDentistry: Cosmetic and Biocompatible Dentistry are glad to offer denture services in our office. But what are dentures? Well, simply put, our Idaho Falls dentures are a removable dental structure that is used to replace missing teeth.

At some point, many dental patients find that their natural teeth simply aren’t strong enough to allow them to continue eating and chewing normally. This may be due to any number of causes including advanced decay, bone disorders, or simple age. When this occurs, their dentist will often suggest using an artificial denture that will allow the patient to regain full use of their mouth.

Our Idaho Falls dentures come down to one of two types — complete dentures and partial dentures. If a patient needs an entire set of either upper or lower teeth replaced, they will need complete dentures. This often becomes necessary as aging patients find that their natural teeth are no longer as strong as they used to be. If, however, a patient still has some strong natural teeth remaining, a partial denture may be a better solution.

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