For many holistic patients, dental x-rays are a concern because of radiation. While it’s true that patients with certain medical conditions should avoid having x-rays taken, not all dental x-rays are created equal. The digital revolution has reached dental imaging—and these are not your grandmother’s x-rays!

Digital x-rays offer several advantages over conventional x-rays:

  • Immediate results. Instead of taking images and having to wait 5-10 minutes while the x-rays developed, digital images appear in as little as 5 seconds. Instant gratification!
  • More comfort. Conventional films were sometimes uncomfortable, digging into the top or bottom of your mouth. The digital sensors that Dr. Baker uses have rounded corners that are gentler on your gums.
  • Higher quality images. Digital images can be enlarged or magnified, and brightness, color, and contrast can be adjusted. This allows Dr. Baker to diagnose problems that may not have been visible on a conventional film.
  • Transferring records. Digital x-rays can be easily emailed to another office. No need to wait for them to appear in the mail.
  • Safer for the environment. Digital x-rays do not require smelly, toxic chemicals to develop.
  • Dramatically less radiation. Digital x-rays can use up to 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays. This makes digital x-rays an excellent option for holistic patients who are concerned about the amount of radiation they are exposed to.

Digital x-rays are an important part of your dental visit. They allow Dr. Baker to find areas of potential concern and address problems while they are small.

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