Crowns, Bridges, & Implants – How They Work

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How Dental Crowns Work

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People usually get dental crowns placed when they have a weak, cracked, or sometimes, a severely discolored tooth. 

A dental crown is a cap resembling the top of a tooth that is made out of material that looks and feels like a natural tooth. 

Before the dental crown is placed, your Idaho Falls dentist will shave away damaged and decayed tooth material and shape the tooth in such a way that it can accommodate the dental crown. It is then placed with adhesive material.

Dental crowns can be temporary or permanent solutions to a problem. Often, dentists will place a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being created.

How Dental Bridges Work

 Idaho Falls DentalDental bridges are the ideal solution for a missing tooth that sits next to teeth that require dental crowns. The dental bridge is composed of two dental crowns on either side of a pontic (something resembling a tooth that rests on the gum, making it appear as if it were protruding from the gum). There are also dental crowns where the pontic is attached to only one crown.

Portions of tooth enamel will be cleaned away to make room for the pontic and the crowns. Then, your Idaho Falls dentist will make impressions of the teeth to create a model that will be used for the creation of the bridge.

While the bridge is being created in the lab, your dentist will give you a temporary bridge for:

  • Aesthetics
  • Protection of the exposed teeth and gums

On your second visit, your finished dental bridge will be placed in much the same way as a dental crown.

How Dental Implants Work

Idaho Falls DentalA dental implant is made of a crown, an abutment, and the implant itself (a screw-like object usually made of metal or an alternative material like Zirconium). 

First, the implant itself needs to be placed into the gum and jaw bone. Then an abutment is placed, and from there, some time needs to pass for the gums and jaw bone to “heal around” the implant. The abutment helps the tissue heal around the implant properly. 

Once the healing process is complete, a final abutment will replace the temporary one, and your Idaho Falls dentist will install the dental crown. 

Wellness Biodentistry is an Idaho Falls dental clinic that uses Zirconium implants as opposed to metal ones. We do this for various reasons:

  • Zirconium is more bio-compatible (it’s works in better harmony with your body)
  • Zirconium is actually stronger than metal
  • Zirconium has a white-ish complexion – some people see the color of the metal implant protruding from the gumline after a time, but with Zirconium implants, this isn’t a problem

Wellness Biodentistry – Your Idaho Falls Dental Clinic

At our dental clinic, we use products and procedures that are safe not only for your mouth, but your entire body as well. We recognize the body as a holistic system – dental problems are rarely isolated to the mouth alone. These problems, and their solutions, can have an impact on your overall health.

If you need a dental service, contact us today.

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