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In 1968, after serving his country in Vietnam, Dr. Vernon Gaffner returned to Southeast Idaho with new perspective on dentistry, and new appreciation for something most of us have the luxury to take for granted-a simple smile, and the powerful effect it can have on the human psyche, the community around us, and the sentiment of an entire culture.

Precision dentistry should be expected, deserved, and standard. And, although Dr. Gaffner had the credentials and talent to practice anywhere or with any group, he wanted to create a dental experience that was far greater than average. Dr. Gaffner wanted to create a better experience, and a new standard of care that would not only protect the integrity and health of his patients, but would also initiate and stimulate an abundance of smiling faces-the one thing he had struggled so hard to find serving in the world’s harshest realities.

The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry was founded on the notion that smiling is the most powerful human expression. Yet, so often those smiles are buried by embarrassment, self-consciousness, or fear.

One single smile can transform an aura of a room or a community. A smile can ease tension, build self-esteem, express feelings for those around you, and even improve your health.

That’s why we are so fanatic about creating an atmosphere of comfort and providing care that ensures you leave with, at the very least, a grin.

Find Your Smile-the people around you deserve to see it, and you deserve to feel good about it.

The world needs more smiles!


Dr. Vernon Gaffner, DMD founded the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry as a lifelong resident of Southeast Idaho nearly 50 years ago. He always stayed at the leading edge of dentistry to bring the best possible care to his patients. As a leader in his field, he was of the first to bring laser, sedation, TMJ and health centered dentistry to Southeast Idaho. His concern for the total well-being of his patients prompted him to create a mercury free/safe dental environment over 30 years ago.

THE LEGACY CONTINUED…Dr. Steven F. Puffer, DMD briefly carried the baton for the Center after Dr. Gaffner suffered a stroke in 2012. Dr. Puffer brought with him all of the ideals that Dr. Gaffner endeared through his years of dentistry. With the increased demand for our protocols in Biocompatible dentistry, our name changed to The Center for Cosmetic and Biocompatible Dentistry.

In June of 2015, Dr. Puffer and his family made a decision to take his talents to the state of Texas.

THE LEGACY CONTINUES…Thankfully there was someone within reach to grab the baton once again!!! Dr. Jordan Baker merged his already successful practice “Wellness BioDentistry” with the Center for Biocompatible and Cosmetic Dentistry in June of 2015. Again, the Center was very fortunate to find someone with a passion to treat each person as a whole. We are very excited to continue with the type of dentistry we have grown to desire and have available for those who seek excellent dental care.

Dr. Baker is a wonderful addition to the dental community with his great passion for dentistry, and concern for the overall health of his patients.

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