Dr. Jordan Baker, Idaho Falls Natural Dentist

Natural dentistry, also known as holistic or bio-compatible dentistry, is a practice that is dedicated to providing healthier and more natural dental procedures than is commonplace in conventional dentistry. Everything is interconnected in nature, so it only makes sense that every part of your body is also interconnected, each part affecting the whole and vice-versa. At Wellness BioDentistry, your Idaho Falls natural dentist takes into consideration how the health of your mouth, and the products and procedures involved in our dentistry, will impact the rest of your body, aiming at maintaining and improving the overall health of your body.

Natural dentistry takes into consideration the patient’s mental and emotional health when it comes to dental procedures, understanding how oral health can impact them. At Wellness BioDentistry, your natural dentist will use technology, products, and procedures that are safe for both you and the environment.

We avoid materials that are toxic to the central nervous system and immune system such as amalgam fillings, which are comprised of harmful materials like mercury and other metals, and recommend removing fillings you currently have which may contain these toxic materials. We can replace these with healthier filling materials, namely composite resin, which is a non-toxic restorative material used commonly by many dentists.

Your natural dentist in Idaho Falls will provide safe, non-invasive gum treatments which involve natural antibacterial agents, helping to treat gum diseases such as gingivitis. We also provide alternatives to root canals, which can create reservoirs of bacteria, leading to the possibility of blood infection.

By combining alternative dental therapies with mainstream therapies, your natural dentist in Idaho Falls can better diagnose, treat, and prevent oral problems.

We avoid toxic elements that could damage the central nervous system and immune system, and by using alternative methods to gum cleanings and root canals, which can force bacteria into the patient’s bloodstream, we aim to facilitate more overall health in our patients. Your Idaho Falls holistic dentist will provide you with more natural methods of gum cleaning, such as the use of natural antibacterial agents.

At Wellness BioDentistry, your Idaho Falls natural dentist will take your overall health into consideration, beyond merely your teeth and gums. We focus on:

  • Potential health risk factors
  • Heredity
  • Your periodontal (gum tissue) condition
  • Areas of infection or decay
  • Present dental fillings you have that may be toxic
  • Functional abnormalities (digestion, TMJ, and sleep apnea)

Because your mouth is the single most deciding factor on what goes into your body, including chemicals, microbes, and other substances, it is extremely important that your natural dentist in Idaho Falls provides the best dental care possible. Oral health has been linked to many diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. Healthy alternatives to conventional dentistry will help mitigate risks of these diseases.

Non-Metal Implants & Fillings

If you are missing teeth, your chewing ability, speaking ability, and facial features can all be negatively affected. Dental implants are a great solution to this problem. Unfortunately, it is common in conventional dentistry to use titanium metal implants. Instead, your Idaho Falls natural dentist uses non-metal implants because they are far more compatible with your body. Our Zirconia implants, made of zirconium oxide, offer the same benefits of titanium metal implants while being healthier. These implants are stronger and more dense than titanium implants, which is a huge improvement in all areas.

Your Idaho Falls natural dentist at Wellness BioDentistry uses non-amalgam fillings for the following reasons:

  • They contain no mercury or other toxic heavy metals.
  • Unlike amalgam fillings, they can have adhesive properties, meaning they can stick to the tooth better. Conventional amalgam fillings have to be wedged into place, which can cause microfractures, damaging the tooth and creating places for bacteria to live.
  • Amalgam fillings will expand and contract based on temperature changes at a different rate than your tooth does, and this process can create tooth fractures.
  • They are more aesthetically appealing; amalgam fillings can create tooth discoloration.
Non-Metal Dental Implant With Crown - idaho falls dental implants

Digital X-ray Technology

At Wellness BioDentistry, your Idaho Falls natural dentist will be sure to use digital x-ray technology, exposing you to substantially less harmful x-ray radiation than conventional dental x-rays. Because digital x-ray technology has reduced the need for higher amounts of radiation and are far safer as a result, they are becoming far more commonplace in conventional dentistry as well. The less radiation we can expose you to, the better.

The many benefits of digital x-ray technology include:

  • 90% less x-ray radiation than conventional x-rays
  • Results in as little as five seconds
  • Rounded digital sensors that are comfortable on your gums
  • Higher quality images than traditional x-rays
  • Records that are easily transferred via email, rather than mail
  • Environmental safety
Dental X-ray - dentist in idaho falls

At Wellness BioDentistry, your Idaho Falls natural dentist will utilize digital x-ray technology for all of the benefits of conventional x-rays, higher quality imaging, and lower health risks.

How Does Natural Dentistry Affect the Overall Body?

In order to eat and speak properly, you need to have healthy teeth and other oral structures. When these become damaged, diseased, or displaced, the pain can be extremely detrimental to our ability to perform the necessary tasks that make life worth living. In recent years, more evidence has piled up revealing the connections between oral health and the overall health of the body and mind. Oral health has been shown to have connections with mental, cardiac, and respiratory health.

By improving oral health problems with natural dentistry, your Idaho Falls natural dentist can positively influence your sleeping patterns, reduce migraine headaches, earaches, backaches, and improve your overall state of mind. At Wellness BioDentistry, we understand that the quality of the materials and procedures we use on our patients will also impact other areas of their lives, and we seek to impact them in a positive and healthful way.

Wellness BioDentistry avoids toxic materials and procedures that could risk infection. By eliminating toxicity or the risk of infection from our equipment, materials, and procedures, we help to ensure a healthy bloodstream, which in turn ensures healthy tissues, organs, and cells. By eliminating the possibility of gum infection or bacterial infection, we help reduce the risk of:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Premature birth
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Dementia

Your Idaho Falls natural dentist will also help increase the potential for:

  • Backache relief
  • Headache relief
  • Higher quality sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Better digestion
  • Elevated mood

With natural dental materials, gentle procedures, and the incorporation of nutritional supplementation and essential oils, we will help you develop a positive routine for increased dental health and overall physical, mental, and emotional health.

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