Holistic Approach To Dentistry in Idaho Falls

Do you know that there is a synergistic correlation between the health of your mouth and the health of your body? When you understand this connection, you are empowered to improve your overall health! As an example of the whole-body health approach, our Idaho Falls dental team looks beyond the mere elimination of disease to the restoration of the natural form and function of your teeth. The results can be dramatic: putting a stop to worn and broken teeth, relief from head and neck pain, increased energy, better digestion, improved well-being, and of course the beautiful smile you have been dreaming about.

Our Idaho Falls dental team will help you achieve the dental health you have always wanted and help you maintain optimal health for life. No matter the condition you start in, we support health and healing by assessing areas of infection or decay, periodontal condition, risk factors, heredity, breakdown and/or possible toxicity of existing dental materials, functional abnormalities (Digestion, TMJ, and Sleep Apnea), and then, in partnership with you, find a plan to assist in the improvement of your overall health by focusing on the utilization of biocompatible, mercury-free dental materials, support of nutritional supplementation and essential oils, a personalized home care and maintenance plan.

We would like to help you become proactive about your dental health in Idaho Falls, not leave it all to chance. Together we can develop a personal and comprehensive care plan geared toward your goals and your personal health needs.

Non-Metal Implants

Many Idaho Falls dentists use standard metal when installing dental implants. At Wellness BioDentistry, we avoid metal implants in favor of non-metal Zirconia. The benefits of these implants are numerous, so much so that even many dentists who do not consider themselves “holistic” or “natural” dentists are beginning to adopt them. Zirconia implants are:

  • Stronger, more stable, and more resilient than metal implants.
  • Non-toxic and far more biocompatible (the body likes them more than traditional metal implants).

Non-Amalgam Fillings

There is a reason why many Idaho Falls dentists are beginning to avoid amalgam fillings.

  • Often referred to simply as “silver fillings”, amalgam fillings are generally comprised of about 50% mercury, which is a toxic heavy metal. Simply put, the human body and mercury do not get along very well.
  • Amalgam fillings are “non-cohesive”. This means they do not naturally “stick” to the teeth and thus have to be wedged and forced into place. This often leads to microfractures in the teeth that can later lead to considerable tooth damage, an increased risk of cavities, cracks, and breaks.
  • Amalgam fillings expand and contract due to temperature changes. This expansion and contraction can lead to further microfractures, and again, increase one’s risk for tooth damage.
  • Amalgam fillings don’t look like natural teeth. They aren’t exactly the prettiest option for repairing dental decay and cavities. They can also lead to great amounts of discoloration in areas of the tooth surrounding them.
  • Did you know? Metal (and that includes amalgam fillings) + moisture (which your saliva contains) + heat (in your mouth) is almost like having a battery in your mouth!

So, What’s The Alternative?

At Wellness BioDentistry, you’ll find one of the few Idaho Falls dentists who will remove your mercury fillings and replace them with biocompatible, non-amalgam, resin fillings. Not only are these fillings non-toxic, but they also offer the following benefits:

  • Resin fillings are cohesive and don’t have to be forced into place.
  • Resin fillings can be made to look and feel like your natural teeth, unlike amalgam fillings.
  • Resin fillings don’t expand and contract due to temperature changes.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our natural dental office in Idaho Falls can enhance your smile as well as improve your dental and overall health, give us a call today. And, if you currently are dealing with metal dental implants or metal fillings in Idaho Falls, we can work with you to find a better, healthier alternative.

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