Dr. Jordan Baker, Idaho Falls Holistic Dentist

Holistic dentistry, also known as bio-compatible dentistry, is an alternative to conventional dentistry, similar to alternative medicine. This form of dentistry takes into consideration the patient’s dental health within the greater context of their overall physical and emotional health. At Wellness BioDentistry, your Idaho Falls holistic dentist aims to eliminate the use of amalgam (an alloy of mercury combined with other metals) in our dental fillings, and encourage the removal of fillings which contain harmful chemicals like mercury and nickel, replacing them with healthier fillings such as composite resin, a substance that even non-holistic dentists commonly use. We also provide safe and non-invasive remedies to gum diseases like gingivitis, as well as alternatives to root canals, which may put the patient’s health at risk due to the possible spreading of bacteria throughout the body. At Wellness BioDentistry, your Idaho Falls holistic dentist will provide natural dental therapies combined with conventional ones in order to better diagnose, treat, and prevent tooth disease or damage. We avoid toxic elements that could damage the central nervous system and immune system, and by using alternative methods to gum cleanings and root canals, which can force bacteria into the patient’s bloodstream, we provide an overall facilitation of health in our patients. Your Idaho Falls holistic dentist will provide you with more natural methods of gum cleaning, such as the use of natural antibacterial agents. Holistic dentistry is considerate of the patient’s mental and emotional well-being, seeking technology and products that are safe for both the patient and the environment. We understand the relationship between oral health and the overall health of our patients. Your Idaho Falls holistic dentist will take your whole body into consideration, not just your teeth and gums, working to provide dental services which influence your entire body in a positive way. No matter what condition you may be in, Wellness BioDentistry will help you achieve a healthier mouth, and with it, a healthier life, focusing on:
  • Areas of infection or decay
  • Your periodontal (gum tissue) condition
  • Heredity
  • Health risk factors
  • The possible toxicity of your present dental materials
  • Functional abnormalities (digestion, TMJ, and sleep apnea)
Your mouth is the starting point for most substances that enter your body, including microbes, chemicals, and other things that can get into your bloodstream. In fact, your oral health may very well be a contributing factor for diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. This is why we provide healthy alternatives to conventional dentistry.

Non-Metal Implants & Fillings

Missing teeth not only negatively impact your chewing and speaking abilities, but take away from your appearance as well. The most obvious solution is a dental implant, but many conventional dentists use titanium metal implants. At Wellness BioDentistry, your Idaho Falls holistic dentist will use a non-metal implant, because it offers all of the benefits of a titanium metal implant, while being much more bio-compatible. Our Zirconia implants, which are comprised of zirconium oxide, actually have even greater strength and density than the more conventional titanium metal implants. It’s an improvement on all levels.

At Wellness BioDentistry, your Idaho Falls holistic dentist will avoid amalgam fillings for the following reasons:

  • They contain approximately 50% mercury, a highly toxic material.
  • They lack any sort of adhesive quality, meaning they don’t stick. They have to be wedged into place, meaning that more of your tooth has to be cut away in order to place the filling. This process can cause microfractures where bacteria can thrive.
  • Amalgam fillings expand/contract according to temperature changes, which can create tooth fractures.
  • They can lead to discoloration of the tooth.
Ceramic Zirconia Dental Implant - idaho falls dental implants

By using more bio-compatible fillings, your Idaho Falls holistic dentist will decrease the possibility of these problems.

Digital X-ray Technology

Another practice you can expect from your Idaho Falls holistic dentist is the use of digital x-ray equipment, which exposes you to far less radiation than more conventional dental x-rays. This kind of technology is even becoming more commonplace in conventional dentistry with the goal of reducing the amount of radiation exposure to their patients. At Wellness BioDentistry, we understand the potential health risks associated with radiation exposure, and our digital x-ray technology greatly reduces the possibility of these health risks. 

With digital x-rays, you will get:

  • Far less radiation (up to 90% less!) than traditional x-rays
  • Instant results, in as little as five seconds
  • Comfortable digital sensors with rounded corners that are easy on your gums
  • Higher quality images than traditional x-rays
  • Easily transferred records which can be emailed, rather than mailed
  • A higher degree of environmental safety
Digital X-Rays - dentist in idaho falls

With the digital x-ray technology that your Idaho Falls holistic dentist utilizes, you will get all of the benefits of x-ray imaging with substantially less health risks and even higher quality imaging.

How Holistic Dentistry Positively Affects the Overall Body

The health of our teeth and other oral structures is crucial for our ability to eat and speak, and when they’re diseased or damaged, the pain can be a huge detriment to our ability to function normally. More and more evidence is revealing the connections between our oral health and overall health, showing connections between our teeth and our mental, cardiac, and respiratory health. For example, improving your bite or other oral problems with restorative dentistry can positively influence your sleeping patterns, helping your quality of sleep, as well as reduce migraine headaches, earaches, backaches, and improve your mood. It only makes sense that the quality of the materials and procedures involved in dentistry would also have an impact on other areas of your life. By eliminating toxicity or the risk of infection from our equipment, materials, and procedures, we create an environment that keeps your bloodstream healthy, which in turn helps to keep every tissue, organ, and cell in your body healthy. By eliminating traditional forms of gum cleaning and root canals, which can create reservoirs in which bacteria thrive, we help to reduce the risk of gum infection and bacterial infection, which have been linked to such health problems as:
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Premature birth
  • Dementia
From backache and headache relief to increased energy, better digestion, and elevated mood, your Idaho Falls holistic dentist at Wellness BioDentistry is dedicated to maximizing your potential for health and happiness, beyond mere dental health improvement. By working with you, we will help you to improve your overall health, focusing on clean and natural dental materials, gentle procedures, and incorporate nutritional supplementation and essential oils, helping you to develop a routine which will increase your dental as well as overall health. Beyond merely performing procedures which are healthy and natural, we encourage healthy dental habits which will increase the overall health of your body.
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